The first steps to plastering

Dive in! try it! watch some videos on you tube, don't try to take in everything, make mix put it on wall and flatten with the trowel, easy ;) practice makes perfect, try a small mix and a small area, if you make enough to fill a cake mixing bowl you can plaster a 1 sq mtr area for practice, you will have 30 minutes until plaster is too hard to spread, rule is 10 mins spreading, 10 mins waiting, 10 mins flattening, you can plaster in 1 coat but 2 coats is easier to get a perfect finish, if your plaster is drying too fast it will crack, if this happens stop laying plaster and prepare the area first with pva or uni bond this will stop the existing wall sucking the water out of the newly laid plaster, you should scrape off the cracked plaster if it is loose or peeling and start again with a new mix with clean water again ( some dirty water can set the plaster hard in just a few minutes so use clean water every time) this is really the worst thing that can happen and it is fixable, especially when the area your practicing on is only 1 sq mtr

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