Learn How to Plaster

Learn how to plaster using our videos, this sped up version is to quickly show people the routine but also to load quickly and share easier, the full videos and normal speed videos are all on our channel on you tube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaIyXB-zuZT0yqEc5QgN1mg/featured

Search - "stuart rosie plasterers" if there are problems with the links

videos showing the process of plastering, mixing and laying your plaster coats

hoe to press down plaster or flatten your plaster, how to plasterboard, and base coats for plastering can be plasterboard or basecoat plasters like browning or hard wall, hard wall not to be mixed up with dry wall, dry wall = plasterboard, wet plaster = browing/ hardwall / bonding coat, bonding coat not to be mixed up with bonding compound, bonding coat = plaster base coat / browning material, bonding compound = plasterboard adhesive.

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