Plastering Tools

Plastering tools, trowel, hawk and other tools needed and what they do


- Used to apply and flatten plaster, used throughout the whole process, a trowel should be good quality £20+ and very clean.


- Used to hold a small portion of plaster to carry around with you when laying plaster also is the best way of getting the perfect amount of plaster on your trowel in the perfect position for laying flat even layers of plaster, a hawk should cost £10, you can get light weight foam hawks and steel hawks, steel last longer due to its strength but if your not used to plastering a foam is a good choice because the weight is a lot less than a steel hawk and a hawk filled with plaster can be quite heavy and tire your arm out quickly


- 3 types of brushes are needed

- A soft 1 inch paint brush- this is used to keep internal corners straight and sharp crisp lines during the plastering set

- A soft 5 inch brush for cleaning your trowel and brushing the plaster on the wall at Troweling up stage


- Anything you can use to mix, scoop, or move plaster from bucket to hawk


- For cutting angle bead to the required lengths otherwise known as tin snips

Straight Edge

- Usually a feather edge but a level or length of straight wood will do too

Hop up

- For reaching higher areas comfortably while using both hand to hold hawk and trowel, step ladder are used where necessary but difficult  

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