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Plastering Trowel small for laying and flattening final coat plaster, these cheap trowels are fine for first timers for practice but an expensive expert trowel will make plastering bigger areas easier and have a better finish because of the sharpened flexible steel prices for professional Trowels start from £30 to £60 

Plastering Hawk for carrying your plaster while laying your plaster with your Trowel, This Hawk is perfectly adequate but i prefer the metal Marshall town Hawks, from £15 - £25

Plastering Brush with long soft bristles to hold a lot of water without dripping and stroke the plaster gently where as a short stiff brush would scratch and scar your plaster finish these brush are great choices to work with

Plaster Scratch or Render key tool or scratch coat tool this tool is used in first coat render and other products, after base coat is laid and flattened but still wet, this tool will put lines in the plaster or render you have laid, we put wiggly lines in and if you angle your hand and scratch tool correctly you will create great lines for final coat to hang onto 

Mixing Drills, this is a great budget mixing drill but do not expect it to last for too many projects a professional mixing drill set up will cost from £200-£400

Plastering Guide, written by me, not very technical just the basics for a beginner for a reasonable price

Plastering Tools

plastering trowel for laying plaster and pressing down/ flattening plaster

plastering hawk or handboard for carrying small portions of plaster mix around with you

Plaster mixing tools include hand mixers and power drills with whisk attachments 

Soft Brushes are great for spreading PVA / unibond and 1 inch brushes are great for lining in your corners, other plastering tools are mentioned in my Plastering guide