You have lots of plastering guides here to choose from and many more in amazon itself but which do you choose? its impossible know which plastering guide is best, I know my Plastering Guide by stuart Kentish is probably the cheapest but it is the probably the most basic plastering guide you can get, you can read reviews and ratings on amazon to see what other people are saying also they preview a couple of pages so you can get an idea how these plastering guides are written.

Plastering guides with all the technical information you might need are available these guides will teach you the modern day rules for building regulations and maybe the science behind it but the regulations will be given to you by your council if you were going to self build and if your just updating areas in your house a little research specifically for your needs might save you from spending too much time learning things you will never need again. My Plastering Guide is very basic but to start understanding the process I think its great for beginners. 

For Plastering tools and more you can visit amazon from links on this page, every tool you will ever need is on amazon, but the plastering tools you will need are trowel, hawk, brushes, level, tape measure, tin snips, hammer, mixing drill or hand mixing paddles, you can get all your beginner tools from there and even some professional tools like marshall town trowels which I prefer still although some people like the floppy refinas which are good at the right time. 

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