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Our Plastering Services

in Solihull..


  • Plastering,

  • Coving,

  • Rendering,

  • K-REND,

  • Artex,

  • Plastering over artex,

  • Plasterboarding,

  • Drylining,

  • Hardwall,

  • Removal of damaged plaster,

  • Screeding, 

  • First coat of paint for new plaster.

"The best plasterers around. Stuart and the team transformed our home through their skills, hard work and artistry. They spent extra time making sure every little detail was perfect. The plastering throughout the home is exceptional. The team are lovely and nothing is too much trouble. We highly recommend them."

"Great job - Stu and Rosie have plastered most of our house now! Would certainly recommend"

Home Improvements!

A daunting task?

Have no fear!

with some research and the right help it can be a fun exciting experience, soon i will have a folder of pictures videos, prices and costs of many projects.

Maybe you have just one ugly wall and a coat of plaster and paint would fix it but the idea of mess and stress is not worth it, fear is holding you back from having the nice home you want, I have seen many people with the means to improve but the knowledge or just the confidence is missing, I wish to help brake down these barriers for people, I am a problem solver/ artist so my solutions are efficient and elegant, we can help you design your ideal space, we can build storage space or even a play house if you wish, we offer room transformation, we do not offer painting but if you do not wish to do it we can recommend, very good painters or depending on our schedule and the complexity of the decorating we may offer, no harm in asking us :) usually 2-5 days work in one room could include new plastered ceiling and walls built storage space and undercoat painting done, 5 days work in a single or child bedroom would  get you all the services, my estimate for this would be between £1000 and £2000, £2000 would get you a very nice baby room with folding shelves for changing, hide away storage that blends into  wall but easily removable when your child needs more space





would you like to do some of the work yourself?

would you like your project cheaper?

you might be surprised how much you can do, some preparation work  for plastering can be taught in 5 minutes, Im offering advice and tutoring, send me your inquiries or ideas or plans or even fears of a project and I will see how I can help you and give you a couple of options before it has cost you anything.

I can come to your job and physically show you some of the simple tasks, even plasterboarding is easier than you probably think, i could show you basics of plasterboarding in one day, you will be able to plasterboard the speed you can do it will be up to you you will need an area ready for plasterboarding for this service so if you have a tight schedule already, learning something new will always take longer at the start so you need spare time for learning


no the flex trowels are too flexible, plaster will end up thicker in your corners, be cause this is just a small porch ceiling i had time to make sure that didn't happen.

You have to press it down quit wet if you use flex trowel and its looks lovely for 5 mins but then you might see bubbles appearing "blebs" this is what my dad called them anyway.


This is air trying to escape because you closed the pours in the plaster too earlier, and flex trowels are too bendy to flatten when the plaster is actually ready.


 you can press these plebs out later but it takes longer, you have to polish them out 10-20 mins after your wet trowel

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