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stuart rosie plasterers
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Hi there! thankyou for going this far on our website,here are some pics of plastering and other small projects that include a little more building work, with an uncle who is very experienced brick layer so if you need walls built before plastered or rendered we can tie it all in together, reducing the number of companies you have to deal with, this in turn will save you time and possibly stress through the project 

I can offer consultations/non biased quotes for lager work you need doing, between £10-£100 invested in a non biased quote or consultation that includes job visits for a more accurate estimate could save you 100's or 1000's  you can send me an email with lots of pictures and a description of what you want to do, i will then list the materials i guess you need plus 2 estimates cheapest-pricey plus a work schedule estimate, including how many workers for how many days, the bigger the job the bigger the gap between estimates, you will not be charged until  i am happy i can produce realistic estimates, Or do you just need a bit of advice on materials or tools needed to kick start your plans...

You can send me you pictures of your projects or disasters,I would love to help any self builders if i can so pictures of plans or plots, damaged plaster

Your wallpaper that pulls plaster off the walls or stud work you need finish, left over materials maybe i can get rid of them for free for you, it could save you disposal costs.

I look forward to helping you

Usually 2-5 days work in one room could include new plastered ceiling and walls built storage space and undercoat painting done, 5 days work in a single or child bedroom would  get you all the services, my estimate for this would be between £1000 and £2000, £2000 would get you a very nice baby room with folding shelves for changing, hide away storage that blends into  wall but easily removable when your child needs more space